Land and Sea Aviation Alaska 
                               Part 141 training

Land and Sea Aviation now offers an FAA approved part 141 training option for Private Pilot, Instrument and Commercial Single Engine Training. These options produce lower minimum hour requirements and eliminate the need for time building. Those interested in pursing a career in aviation are encouraged to explore this option as it reduces the overall cost of the complete course package. Feel free to schedule a meeting with our Chief Instructor or Operations Manager to answer any questions you may have. Together we can compare our Part 61 and Part 141 training options to see which is best for you. 
                             Aircraft Rates per hour (wet)

Cessna 172P (dual)                $200.00/ hr       Piper PA28R (dual only)      $250.00/ hr
Cessna 172P (rental)              $160.00/ hr      
                               Instruction Rates per hour

Primary Instruction              $60.00/ hr     Advanced Instruction          $65.00/ hr

Private Pilot Course Package

Aircraft Cessna 172P (dual)                            35 hours                    $7,000.00               
Aircraft Cessna 172P (solo)                               8 hours                    $1,120.00                  
Ground Instructions    (dual)                           35 hours                   $2,100.00               
Estimated Total:  $10,220.00

Instrument Rating Course Package

Aircraft Cessna 172P (dual)                             21 hours                   $4,305.00
AATD         (14 hrs max dual)                           14 hours                   $1,330.00
Ground Instruction     (dual)                            30 hours                   $1,950.00         

Estimated Total:  $7,585.00

Commercial Pilot Single- Engine Course Package (pay as you go)

Aircraft Cessna 172P (dual)                           36 hours                    $7,380.00
Aircraft Cessna 172P (solo)                           65 hours                    $10,400.00
Piper PA28R              (dual)                            19 hours                     $4,750.00
Ground Instruction     (dual)                         35 hours                     $2,275.00

Estimated Total:  $24,805.00

Commercial Pilot Single- Engine Course Package (pay in full course package)

Aircraft Cessna 172P (dual)                           36 hours                      $7,380.00
Aircraft Cessna 172P (solo)                           65 hours                     $9,100.00
Piper PA28R              (dual)                             19 hours                      $4,750.00
Ground Instruction     (dual)                          35 hours                     $2,275.00

Estimated Total:   $23,505.00

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